After the graphic and functional proposals are ready, a preview is shown to the client. Client Training is a basic and an essential part of any project. It is performed in order to help the customer understand how to manage and coordinate the delivered project at its maximum capacity. The project is launched only after the client approves it.
Analysis & Strategy▾
The Project Draft is a critical element in the project planning that we carry out in order to ensure successful delivery of the design proposal to our client. The Technical Expertise is an essential part of a fully functional project. The search engine optimization (SEO) is initiated from the very beginning of the project in order to deliver functional and successful results.
Planing, Design & Functionality▾
Our First step towards a successful project is the Project Analysis, created together with our clients in order to reach the best understanding of the project priorities, objectives, and needs. The Project analysis includes: SWOT analysis and detailed Competitors Research. Together with our clients we select an appropriate strategy and design a desired functionality of the project.
Client Presentation, Training & Testing▾